2 x Handy Eco Sacks

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2 x Handy Eco Sacks

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 100cm

Approx: 200 Logs

Price: £180.00 £155.00

Inc VAT & Free Delivery

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  • Hand Packed FirewoodTightly Hand Packed
  • Cut to 25cmCut to 20/25cm & split
  • 200 LogsApprox. 100 logs
  • Ash LogsAsh Logs
  • Easy to moveCan be moved with Sack Barrow
  • Free DeliveryFree Delivery

Product Description

Our Eco Firewood Logs are a brilliant budget option for your firewood source.

Our Eco Logs are a Alder hardwood with a moisture content of less than 18%. Our Eco logs are fast burning, so great for a couple of hours burning time for a cosy night in.

If you are looking for a great value firewood our Eco Logs are the way to go, if you are looking for longer burn times and a more traditional firewood take a look at our Deluxe Ash and Sterling Silver range.

How to Store Firewood

It is very important that once you have bought and had your firewood delivered that you are storing the logs in the best way.

It is vital that the logs are under cover, a log store or our jackets are ideal.

The logs need to be stored in a place where they are off the ground in a dry area where they can get good air flow. Good air flow is crucial as it moves the air preventing any moisture in the air to be absorb by the logs.

Green Jacket for XL Crate


Approx: Logs

Price: £110.00 £99.00

Inc VAT & Free Delivery

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Fast Heat

Great fast heat output when the unexpected frosts arrived.

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Burns well

Good logs that burn well

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